Days 1 & 2 – Fortunately…Unfortunately!

January 6th, 2019

Day 1 and 2 can be summed up with these two words;


Fortunately, our amazing Team of 19 arrived ready to go at 4:30AM. Unfortunately, our plane was the only plane on the departure board that was delayed!

Fortunately, our fearless leaders would not take no for an answer when they explained we would miss our two connecting flights. Unfortunately, this began what ended up to be hours and hours for them, standing at counters throughout the day as we faced delays, missed flights and our team split in five directions to get us to our final destination, El Salvador.

Little did we know, there would be over 38 hours of adventure in store before we regrouped as a team.  Some traveled to New York and others as far as Panama City, to reach our destination to be together. Some got to New York only to be delayed and miss their flight! Others sat on the tarmac in Vancouver because weather in San Francisco would not allow for take-off, only to finally arrive at their gate to hear the pilot say, “Fortunately, we have a gate assigned to us but unfortunately, we can’t get into the gate because there is a plane with mechanical issues is in our way!” We all had to laugh a little knowing that despite the unfortunate, we were still fortunate to be on this adventure.

To cap off our traveling experience, most arrived without their luggage but then this leaves stories for another day!

Here are some when we arrived at our hotel to rest for the night.