Our Services

From preconstruction to after project care and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

In an increasingly complex construction landscape, we aim to simplify your world by providing a single point of contact for all your construction management needs. We provide a full range of services to take any project from idea to reality and beyond. To us, a project isn’t complete at the end of construction, and we’re focused on providing the best warranty and post-construction care in the industry.


Construction Management

Working as your partner from an early stage, we thrive in a construction management model where we’re involved in early stage planning, design, and strategy. This carries through to budgeting, tendering, and project delivery, where we provide a high level of transparency and shared decision making to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your investment.

General Contracting

With over 25 years’ experience in the traditional general contracting model, we’re positioned to be competitive on invited and prequalified tenders, while still offering the advantages of construction management and partnership.

Design Build

Working with our design partners, we’re passionate about helping our clients take an idea and purpose for a space and bring it to reality. Using our creativity and construction experience, we work to find the right balance between design, function, and cost. There’s no better feeling that a client being satisfied by a space we helped them create.


The best way to create a smooth and painless construction experience is to partner early and invest in preconstruction. We provide a wide range of preconstruction services, including strategic planning, site review, budgeting, and value engineering.

Strategic Planning

One of the greatest benefits of partnerships that extend beyond a single project is the ability to step back and look at the big picture. Working with our clients to see their broader goals and milestones, we build a plan that makes the most sense from a cost, logistics, and operations perspective.

Site Assessment

At the intersection of design and construction, a thorough review of an existing space or site is crucial. By completing a thorough survey, we’re able to identify where the design will need to be tweaked to accomodate existing conditions, and avoid significant hidden costs during construction.


We know that one of the most important factors on any project is cost. At an early stage, we’re able to take an idea or concept and provide budgets based on our experience and historical costs. As the scope is refined, we’re able to provide updated budgets and assist with the design process in finalizing the project scope.

Value Engineering

In situations where the budget is higher than expected, we work closely with the design team and client to propose alternative and more cost effective solutions. These often include alternate materials that achieve the same design intent, or different construction details and methods that will reduce cost.


With many strong trade and supplier partnerships in each of the markets we work in, we’re able to provide competitive tendering for all scopes of work. Knowing that cost is only one factor, we carefully review all tender submissions to ensure the complete scope is covered, and go through a vetting process to make sure our vendors have the capacity and manpower to deliver on the schedule.

Project Management

Our excellent team, combined with the most advanced project management tools is set up to provide a full range of project management services. Here are some of the services we provide;

– Procurement
– Permits
– Trade & Supplier Contracts
– Change Management
– Budget Updates & Reporting
– Progress Invoicing
– Submittals
– RFI’s
– Meeting Minutes
– Photos
– Daily Field Reports
– Site Safety
– Quality Control
– Weekly Project Reports
– Scheduling
– Closeout Documentation
– Occupancy & Permit Closeout
– Move Management

Vendor Management

Beyond the standard scopes of work, many of our projects involve specialized or owner-specific vendors. We aim to simplify the process by working directly with these vendors on scheduling, co-ordination, and interface with other construction elements.

Warranty / After Care

We know that what matters is not how you start, but how you finish. Too often in our industry people look at the end of the project as the finish line, while it’s really just a new beginning. We’re committed to providing a great after care experience through warranty management and follow-up to make sure our clients are completely satisfied.

Service Work / Small Projects

To us, no project is too small. Our fully outfitted technicians are able to take care of service work and small projects so you can look to us for all your construction needs.