Looking for a career filled with purpose and personal growth, where you feel like part of a family? If so come join us!

We believe that life is too short just to have a job, and that a career filled with purpose and growth is essential. Of course we all work to provide for ourselves and our families, but finding true fulfillment in work requires more. At Novacom, we care about each person on our team, and seeing them grow into the best possible version of themselves. Everyone is a part of our family, and no one is a number.

We’re doing construction differently, and we’re thinking outside the box about how we can improve our company and our industry. If you’re looking for a company with a family dynamic where you can have opportunities to grow, be challenged and known by your co-workers, then come join us!

Why Work at Novacom?


We believe that our people are the core of our company. We want to see everyone on our team become the very best version of themselves that they possibly can. When you work with Novacom, you join our family. Our team is more than just a group of employees – we’re a work family and we support each other through the highs and lows of life.


We work in a fast-paced and demanding industry that can often burn people out. At Novacom, we seek to create balance for our team by listening and responding to their needs. We are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and to provide flexibility so you can feel like your life isn’t consumed by work.


We recognize that good talent and a valuable set of skills should be compensated accordingly. We are constantly checking to make sure that our wages and benefits packages for all positions remain competitive within the industry. Employees can also participate in an incentive program that lets them benefit from the company’s success.


We believe that our work is transforming us and is driving us to become better; better at what we do, and how we do it, and how we partner with our clients and project teams. We have developed a culture of humility and mentorship, where we are constantly learning from others in our company and the industry. Because of this growth, many of our team members have been promoted within the company and taken on new positions.

Who are we looking for?


Self-motivated and driven individuals who push things forward no matter the circumstance, and who have engaged personalities that are willing to take on complex challenges with enthusiasm.


People who are willing to admit when they’ve made a mistake and take ownership, and who aren’t above any task.


People who are friendly and personable, and are able to build and maintain solid relationships with partners and clients.


People who take initiative on driving tasks forward. Who strive for personal growth by learning about themselves, their roles, and the industry.


People who care about contributing to one another and making each other better, and who genuinely seek the best in their team members and work hard to make them more successful.