Why Novacom

In an industry where many construction managers can deliver the same project, we believe the experience and the “why” behind it are more important than ever.


We believe that our work has a deeper purpose than creating spaces, and through strong partnerships we can bring transformation to our industry, ourselves, and our communities.

Building Partners

From the very beginning, Novacom has been built on partnerships.

We value our clients, design partners, and trade partners not just for the skills and expertise they bring, but for who they are. We see those we work with as people instead of machines that produce work, so it compels us to treat them with a high level of respect, value and fairness. We believe that when people feel valued, understood, and part of a team they can be freed up to do their best work.

The construction industry is changing, and the top-down model of the past is fading away. The way forward is a partnership approach, where everyone is aligned in mission and working shoulder to shoulder, solving problems and seeing issues and challenges from each other’s perspective.

This shift towards a partnership approach has transformed our business and how we interact with our partners. We believe that if everyone feels valued for what they bring to the table, they’ll do their best work. Join us in a better way of working together.

Transforming Construction

We’re passionate about transforming the construction experience, and being transformed in the process.

One of the most rewarding parts of construction is seeing a site go from dirt to a building, or from a shell to a finished space. This physical transformation is only part of the story. As we learn and grow on each project, our work is changing us and helping us become better people; not just in our work, but as parents, spouses, and friends too.

We want to be a leader in changing people’s perceptions about construction, and creating great construction experiences. We know that many people see construction as a necessary evil to get to a finished space, but we believe that the process itself can actually be enjoyable and fulfilling. We’re out to change the perception that all construction managers are out to rip you off, and show that through transparency and trust you can see the value you’re getting for your investment.

While creating beautiful spaces inspires us, our deeper purpose comes from helping transform communities through giving back. We have a heart to help those in our own communities and around the world, and to see lives changed.



Every client and project is unique, and requires a tailored approach. Before starting a project, we’re intentional about meeting with the client, stakeholders, and project team to understand the key drivers, challenges, and opportunities of the project. We also work to build a partnership dynamic and rapport within the project team by getting to know each other personally, and learn about preferred communication styles and preferences.


Once we understand the people, purpose, and drivers behind a project, we work as a team to build a plan. It starts with design feedback and budgeting, and continues with value engineering, proposing solutions, and assembling the best team for the project. We’ve found that by focusing on planning and preparing well, the project is set up to be successful from the start.


Creating great spaces requires a type of orchestration; it’s almost an art form. It’s adapting to constant change and working together as a cohesive team to work through the inevitable challenges that will arise, while at the same time keeping the schedule on track and managing the budget. Most importantly, it’s finishing as well as we’ve started by keeping focused until every last item is complete and the client and users of the space are satisfied.


Every project is an opportunity to learn, grow, and become better at what we do. At the end of each project, we are intentional about connecting as a team to understand what went well, and what could be improved next time. We’re open and honest about where we fell short and can do better, and actively seek feedback that helps us learn from the experience. In an industry that is short on praise and affirmation, we also look to encourage and celebrate the success of individuals and the team.


In a sea of construction management options, here are some ways we’re unique.


We believe that technology should make our work easier and more efficient, not complicate things. We’re continually investing in new tools that make work better. One example is Procore, a web and mobile based project management platform that allows all of our clients, design partners, and trade partners to have access to the same dashboard of live information on the project.


We’re not afraid to admit when we make mistakes, and to take ownership and make things right. At the end of every project, we host a lessons learned meeting with the project team, so that we can all learn from the experience and get better. We start by offering examples of areas we know we could have done better, and then asking for critical feedback. We believe that learning from our mistakes is the best way to grow.


To us, every project is more than just a number. We eat, sleep, and breathe these projects because we care about getting them right. When you care this much, it affects every conversation, every detail, and ultimately the finished product.


In today’s fast-paced work environment, the volume of communication on a project can be impossible to keep up with. We don’t believe that communication is one size fits all, so our first priority is to understand how people prefer their communication so we can speak their language. We’re also always looking for ways to consolidate and summarize our communication, making it clear what needs attention and action.

Fresh Perspective

As a new generation of construction managers backed by decades of experience, you won’t catch us saying “we’ve been doing it this way for 25 years”. We’re all about building on the wisdom of the past, while looking for new ways to tackle problems. We invest in training and thought leadership for our team, knowing that the more ideas we’re exposed to, the better solutions we’ll be able to offer.

People Driven

We’re not the type of company that only has one person you want to work with. We have a great team of people who bring unique skills and gifts, but are shared and aligned in mission. We take our culture seriously, because we know that hiring the right people is critical to delivering a consistent experience.

Heart & Soul

Our approach to work isn’t all business, there’s heart and soul behind it. This shows in how we give back to our communities and around the world, but also how we treat our employees and partners. We care about people and seeing them grow and be transformed, and we care about what’s going on in their lives beyond their work.

Ideal Size

We feel that we’re the ideal size, where we have the systems, processes, and expertise of a larger company, but the personal feel and connection of a smaller company. We have the ability to deliver large and complex projects, but instead of those projects being a number, our team and ownership are intimately involved and invested in their success.


Life is too short to not enjoy what we do. While we work hard to deliver tough schedules and get the job done, we also make sure to keep things light and have fun while we’re doing it.

Health & Safety

Safety has become a major element of the Novacom culture.  So much so, we have recently become a COR (Certification of Recognition) through WorkSafe BC. We have an internal Health and Safety Team who helps implement and enforce all our safe work practices and procedures. This program applies to both our site construction teams along with our office team.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety and injury management systems that meet an industry standard. The program rewards employers who take a strategic approach to workplace safety and are committed to reducing both the human and financial costs of workplace injuries.

COR Certified


What our partners are saying

“Working with Novacom on the Equinox project reminded us in the best way what it is like to work with a builder that genuinely cares about the design ambitions of a project, and that has the capacity to execute at a very high level. An overarching collaborative energy from Site Superintendent to executive leadership gave Novacom a platform for establishing early trust and rapport with both our office and the client.

Novacom’s daily attention to craft and detail, along with efficient and prompt communication was absolutely critical to the success of the project. As demonstrated by hosting an end-of-project team meeting with ourselves and the client to talk openly about areas for improvement, there is an eagerness about their company to serve design and to keep learning – which is why we selfishly want to work with them again and why we recommend them to any client.”

Ben McDonald Associate Principal | Montalba Architects

Our Story

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past 25 years, it’s that we all want to be a part of a meaningful story.

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