Day 6 – Part Of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

January 10th, 2019

On our third and final day of building, our team of 19, along with an incredible number of volunteers and Shelter Canada workers completed the 20 homes we came to Victoria to build. The work was challenging and the heat sometimes overwhelming but it was an incredible feeling to serve these families and see their joy and gratitude. They all said this would change their lives and expressed deep gratitude toward us and God for meeting the basic need of a safe sound shelter for their families.

We came to understand that we were part of God expressing his deep and practical love for these people. It’s quite a privilege to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves and to imagine that God used a relatively small amount of money and some hard work to change lives and to simply say “I Love You” to a people who have been impoverished by both war and politics.

One of the highlights for all the teams has been including the new homeowners and volunteers in helping build the homes.


We could have not accomplished all we did this year without our volunteers and Shelter Canada workers that came to help.

Here is a picture of all the volunteers and helpers after we completed our final build. We gathered them all together so we could thank them for their incredible hard work and support which allowed us to reach our goal of building 20 homes.

We ended the day enjoying this beautiful view as a team and celebrating an amazing week!