Day 5 – Houses Will Become Homes

January 9th, 2019

Today was a beautiful day seeing teamwork in action that allowed us to give 7 families new homes. We also started building our 8th and 9th house so it was a stellar day! The adversity we saw at the beginning of the trip has created amazing bonds amongst our team.

This is Fatima, her son Santiago and her newborn Juan, who is only 18 days old. Today they received a house but we know they will make it a home. They expressed how they would not have been able to do this on their own.

Here are some pictures that capture moments of teamwork, new friendships and the beautiful people of El Salvador.

This is Manuel, Gabriela, and Bryan. They said receiving a house would change their future.

In this picture, you then see Manuel in the foreground helping build Jose’s house for his family. Jose is pictured digging with his family watching. This has become the pattern as we move from build to build that new homeowners are there to help build homes for their fellow community members.

To end the day, we had a beautiful sunset as we pushed to get as much done for these deserving families as we could.