Cloverdale Library Renovation and TI

The Cloverdale Public Library was one of the City’s older libraries, converted from a courthouse to a library in 1987. The space was operating at full capacity, the finishes were worn, the building front entrance did not accommodate wheel chairs or strollers and the second-floor was not originally structurally designed to support the weight of books.

Partnering with the City of Surrey and PH5 Architecture the 11,000 sq.ft. library went through an extensive renovation which included:

  • A front entrance replacement and the addition of a new wheelchair and stroller entrance
  • Removal of a staircase and enclosure of the second floor for more floor space
  • Structural upgrades throughout to support the weight of books and to upgrade the aging building
  • New office spaces, administration desk & millwork and new finishes throughout
  • Upgrade of all mechanical and plumbing work throughout to accommodate new layout
  • Upgrades to all electrical including a new fire panel, lighting, power, low voltage and data, plus provisions for security equipment
  • Painting of the exterior building
  • Hazmat testing, abatement of asbestos containing drywall and large amounts of demolition

Credit to Nancy Bleck and PH5 Architecture for the photos.