"Construction in a television station like Citytv is not easy task.  With sensitive equipment to protect and live television to work around, Novacom met this challenge and completed construction of Citytv Vancouver's new state of the art production facility in May of 2007."

Neil Tegart, Citytv

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Novacom has provided both general contracting and construction management services under a variety of different delivery models. Some examples of these are noted below.

Competitive Bidding - Tendered Projects

Approximately 70–80% or our work is generated from select tender projects. Novacom is on preferred contractors lists for various financial, medical, and institutional clients. Typically this involves a lump sum contract for a clearly defined scope of work.

Construction Management Proposals

Increasingly, many of our clients are choosing to engage in construction management agreements. This process allows for greater involvement by the owner in the selection of subtrades, access to true costs, and flexibility in introducing their own preferred vendors. These contracts are most often used when the scope of work is not clearly defined or when some aspects of the work are designed but others are not. Sometimes a “staged tendering” will result as drawings and specifications are completed in stages or phases. These contracts are typically a “cost plus” or “fixed fee” agreement.

Project Budgeting

When contemplating certain projects or improvements, the client or architect will sometimes request our involvement in providing a construction budget. We offer this service at no cost to our established clients with an understanding that Novacom will be requested to do the work if the budget is approved.

Turnkey Projects

For select clients we provide a complete package including design, engineering and construction. We engage the architect and engineers, prepare a project budget, tender the work and complete the construction with minimal involvement from the owner.

Service Work - Small Projects

Certain clients require small renovations or the replacement of certain components in addition to major construction projects. We have a small service department which provides this service. Typically these requests are billed on an hourly charge out rate plus a mark up on materials or completed for a fixed price.