"Our control room was delivered on time and on budget. Novacom's team remained professional and accomodating from start to finish. We thank them for a job well done."

Neil Tegart, Citytv 

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Mission Statement


To be Western Canada's prominent construction management team, providing exceptional service to business and institutional clients.

Mission Statement:

We fulfill our vision by fostering an environment of excellence in all our workplaces. We build long-term client relationships through trusted and experienced personnel, functioning in a dynamic atmosphere, and through cultivating a spirit of generosity in service to our communities.

Our Values:

Integrity: We deal honestly with employees, clients, subtrades and suppliers, taking responsibility for our individual and corporate actions. We promote open and authentic communication with all parties.

People: We provide opportunities for our people to learn and grow, building our strengths and overcoming weaknesses, individually, and as a team. We equip our personnel with the resources needed for the effective performance of their tasks and gaining new skills. We support our employees inside and outside of the workplace and recognize the fundamental need for balance.

Communication / Teamwork: Recognizing an individual's strengths and affirming these qualities, we work tirelessly to build a strong, supportive working environment, Understanding of priorities and expectations are accomplished through clear and concise communication, seeking first to understand and then to be understood.

Leadership / Vision: We are committed to developing strong leadership, who in turn provide a roadmap of direction and focus for our team and projects. We purposely endeavour to lead by example, facilitating client needs through diligence and co-operation, acknowledging the need for periodic review of our focus and priorities.

Giving Back: Novacom endeavours to support employees in their pursuit of opportunities of  benefit to their local and international communities.

Excellence / Innovation: We give attention to detail and maintain high personal and professional standards. We embed certain slogans in our daily activities - "Perfect is good enough", "Do it right the first time", and "Begin with the end in view."  We are innovative and pro-active in our approach to tactical challenges. We are committed to being on the leading edge of technology, allowing us more effective communication with our employees and clients.

Balance / Fun: While we respect the challenges of the workplace, we value activities which promote fun and relaxation striving for a balance between our work life and our personal life.  We take our work seriously but ourselves not too seriously. Having a sense of humour and social interaction between employees allows us to build our team and encourage a work-life balance.

Reward: Accomplishments and achievements should be recognized and rewarded. Novacom makes every effort to reward hard work, excellence, innovation, and efficiency with tangible and intangible means.